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Once accepted by our team and partners

Utilize our

  • Knowledge
  • Network
  • Experience

Between our corporate partners and full time focus on business development, we have access to the industry's top network, products, and people

We evaluate ICOs on the basis of

  • Track Record
  • Fullness of e board
  • Quality of Advisory Board
  • Working Product
  • Quality
  • Scalability
  • KPI's
  • Prospective Growth
  • Potential Market Size

We see dozens of ICOs every week. Should we work with your project, we can help you
throughout the entirety of the ICO process, or in part.

How a Tokenized Asset Offering Works

Once accepted by our team and partners

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Our Services Include


Corporate Compliance

Structure your asset offering alongside our Chief Compliance Officer, who has 40 years of experience and has worked at Wall Street's largest firms.

Blockchain Integration

Brainstorm how to best integrate blockchain technology intro your idea, product, or company. Our tech team has structured enterprise level blockchain supply chain systems, led by our CTO who was a senior developer at New York Times and Universal Studios.

Business Plan

Structure your raise to attract smart capital, strategic partners, and excite a community. This includes outlining finaiclal projections, relevant usage of blockchain, value of product, team, and KPIs surrounding your project.


Private Round to accredited investors

Seek seed funding to help fund the full ICO and obtain initial capital to help get your project off the ground.

Building out Team

Fill necessary roles for the Executive Board and head hunt or directly provide needed developers, sales people, marketers, etc.

Introductions to Strategic Partnerships and Advisory Board

Leverage our exceptionally well connected network to build a top caliber advisory board for any industry.

Business development / investor relations

Representing at roadshows/events

Put together a roadshow and pitch at select conferences, set up booths, and network with relevant people in the industry.

Pitching to syndicate of investors

Pitch at organized meetups, throughout our investor newsletters, and on phone calls.

Fostering strategic partnerships

Leverage our strong network to help build out strategic partnerships.

Digital Marketing

Community Growth

Between our partners, we have some of the best case studies in the industry for building active and passionate communities for our projects.

Community Management

Keep your community engaged with community moderators facilitating conversations and answering questions 24/7.

Content Writing and Placement

Positive brand affiliations with some of the most frequently visited crypto related websites.

Social Media

There are ways to leverage social media without ICO advertisements! The KPIs we've had for our clients have not slowed down a bit since popular social media sites have banned ICO ads.

Building the "Network Effect"

Being first to market is a strong competitive advantage, but only lasts for so long. You must capitalize on your opportunity by building a strong network of passionate users or customers of your project.

Exchange listing

Leverage our well connected rolodex of top security and utility exchanges.

Business Development

Our team consists of business developers with enterprise level sales experience. We can help build out your sales team, including how to hire, train, manage, and scale your business development related operations.

Investor Relations

Build out continuing support for your IR operations, including compliance, support, and increasing the size of your investment community.

Technology Development

Further develop, build out, or maintain your product with BlockCrunch's develoment team directly, or through our head hunting service. Between our network we have access to thousands of highly qualified blockchain and traditional web developers.

We offer our services a la cart.

Should a project or company be interesting and we can provide value, we can work with a company at any stage of their development!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an ICO cost?

While the price and structure of costs vary project to project, expect a needed budget of $300k - $500k to successfully execute your ICO.

What does my money go towards?

The majority of our costs are going towards servicing a successful campaign. The costs go towards everything outlined in the services portion of this website!

How long does it take to do an ICO?

Successful campaigns vary, but typically take between 3 - 6 months from start to finish. This can go longer depending on the structure of your offering and stage of your company. That said, the necessary servicing and attention to grow your community, product, and business never ends.

What’s a typical allotment size for private investors?

Typical allotment sizes start around $50,000 and range up from there.

How can I ensure that our ICO is compliant with regulations?

Blockchain and ICOs may be relatively new, but SEC guidelines have been concrete since 1933. If you are seeking investments within the United States, having the guidance of a compliance expert is necessary to ensure long term viability of your efforts.

Is an ICO the best method for me to raise money?

Sometimes yes sometimes no, and this answer obviously is based on each use case. An ICO is definitely NOT the most inexpensive way to raise money, and for certain projects blockchain may not be necessary. On the flip side, blockchain is a highly disruptive technology when properly applied, and can help you to raise funding, potentially not dilute equity, and at the same time grow your network/community makes it worth considering. Schedule a call with one of our representatives to discuss in detail.

What’s your KYC process.

We work with various third party providers to carry out our KYC/AML process for our clients.

How can we get your attention?

Please contact us through our contact form, or email us directly at

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